Mind – “Mens sana in corpore sano” says the old Latin phrase… and the fact is that health is not something related to our bodies only, but also to our minds. This category includes posts about psychology, relationships and anything that helps us to reflect and to be healthier and happier in the inside.

Body – This category hosts anything to do with our most sacred life companion: our body. Many posts are related to this, from the food we eat… to the exercise we do to keep it active. Taking care of our bodies is not always easy in these sedentary, fast-food times, so I will aim to explore the challenges we face and ways to overcome them.

Yoga – The way I understand it, yoga is both related to the mind and the body, but since this was originally the main topic of this blog, it deserves its own category. Aside from the mental and physical side of yoga, I also aim to explore other areas related to it, from the theory to the social media influence, including posts about specific asanas, or yoga studios.

Nutrition – This could be inside the Body category, but since it is becoming a bigger part of the blog, it also has its specialised category now, where I will post about healthy eating habits, wholefoods, some theory, book reviews, handy tips, and even specific recipes that are easy, healthy and yummy. Bon Appétit!