Barcelona-born and London-settled, I guess this blog is a project that defines myself and my life path pretty well.

Since I was a child, I’ve always been interested in health and wellbeing, I still remember advocating for my dad to quit smoking as a 10-year-old!

My teenage, self-discovery years pushed me to read and learn about psychology and relationships. This was an inner interest of mine that I still hold today, and that led me to complete a year course in Humanistic Counselling Skills at the Gestalt Centre in London, and another year as a Listener Volunteer with the Samaritans Charity.

My university time, both in Spain and the UK, taught me the ins and outs of Media, with writing being the hook that dragged me to study Journalism. Finally, my professional career introduced me to the world of content marketing, SEO and blogging… to finally settle happily into the growing and exciting industry of digital advertising.

Then, it arrived yoga. The glue that mixed it all together, mind and body. The discipline that gives name to this blog and that helped me to discover how a physical practise could also calm the mind and provide answers, and vice-versa; as I tried to explain in the post What do you mean by “Be Like Yoga”?

Reaching my 30s (and sitting in an office for too many hours), made me want to learn more about nutrition and ways of feeding my body better. A subject I’m currently exploring and loving while completing a diploma on Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching.

And here I am now! I hope you enjoy the visit to this little space, where I ultimately wish to share my love for health and wellbeing in different shapes and forms. I hope we can connect somehow – either mentally or virtually – and that you also find some answers to your questions, either body or mind related.

Namasté, my friends!

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